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You Have Questions

  • How much do I need to save to retire?
  • What investments should I use to meet my specific goals?
  • How do taxes impact my savings goals?
  • When can I retire?

We have answers

A retirement plan helps you answer important questions like these and allows you to set achievable goals for yourself to get on the path to the lifestyle you want. The process is as simple as telling us a little about yourself. Provide your details and we will send you information to build your personal retirement plan.

It starts with you thinking about your goals:

  • Retire by age 60?
  • What does retirement look like for you? Slow down, relax and live life on your terms? Buy a quiet cottage on the lake and live debt-free? Travel the world?
  • Leave something meaningful behind for your children/grandchildren?

Whatever goals you have in mind, we can help you reverse-engineer the path to achieving them. Even if you are starting later in life, 5 to 10 years of working towards a plan can yield surprising results. At no cost, we put a plan in place that will either confirm you are on the right course or direct you there.

Why do we do this for free?

One. We are passionate about financial literacy and believe that every Canadian deserves a retirement plan. Two. If you like the work we do on your retirement plan we hope that you will give us a chance to manage your investments.

How do you get started?

It’s surprisingly easy to get started. Click the button on this page and provide some basic information. In 48 hours, we will send you a customized retirement plan that will help you understand the steps required to achieving your goals.

Howe Harrell & Associates is a boutique investment and financials services firm based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have been featured as a Top 50 Advisor in Canada two years running by Wealth Professional Magazine, Life Members of Million Dollar Round Table, active members of ADVOCIS (Financial Advisors Association of Manitoba) and active members within the Winnipeg community.

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