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Our Promise &

Our Process

At HHAA, you get Financial Planning & Wealth Management driven by Lifestyle-Design for dedicated business owners, hard-working professionals and their families throughout Canada.

We keep the names on the wall for a reason.

Our names are on the wall because we see it as a commitment. In every meeting, engagement and client relationship, our names are represented. We have a standard, a fiduciary responsibility and a proven blueprint for success that focuses on bringing solutions that are in our client's best interest.

Our names are on the wall because we have a culture and a connection that empowers our clients. We want to be recognized as more than just a wealth management firm that 

promotes confidence by providing opportunities and coaching to help our clients understand money better.

Our names are on the wall because we want to be known as a firm that is built on a principle of continual improvement, efficiency, and level of service. We want to be held responsible not only for our current level of service but our commitment to achieving more.

That is why our names are on the wall.

1. Why

Answer the Question: Why is money important to you?

2. Draft

Draft a plan: Look at your current situation and determine the value and suitability of options based on your unique desires.

3. Propose

Present a plan and portfolio that bring you peace of mind, based on reccomendations analyzed.

4. Execute

Formalize investment policy and implement recommendations and behaviors necessary to meet long term goals that were identified.

5. Review

Monitor and review the plan on an ongoing basis. Meet minimum once per year to update and make any necessary changes.


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