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Early retirement? building a dream home? Growing the family? Life moments that provide the greatest joys, but come with numerous financial questions. Don't worry, we'll be by your side to to guide you through every step. We build you a unique blueprint that will organize your financial life.

Want to reduce risk, reduce taxes and reduce fees? We build a proven portfolio based on you, your goals, risk profile, and time horizon. We maximize returns while reducing risk, we leverage technology to lower costs and taxes.

Own a business? Don't worry, we do too. Our strength our foundation is from our experience with planning and preparing our clients for risks and success in their business. We plan for you and your businesses' future.


You're not alone

The future... We all have our hopes of what it will look like. For some, it's owning that special vacation home, or it's traveling abroad to faraway places. For others, it's being able to pay for their kids college education, or having the time to experience new adventures. For many, it's simply having a stress-free life. However you see your tomorrow, the best time to plan for it, is today - and we're here to help.

We'll work with you, regardless of where you're at in your life, to plan your goals, and build a plan to get there. When we're done, you'll have a personal blueprint that's as unique as you are.

- Sean Harrell, Don Howe


Going through a transition, but don't know how to plan for it?

Let's start by focusing on what we can control.


We'll guide you, through every phase.



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We're always looking to grow our team with like-minded individuals. Send a resume to telling us what wealth management means to you, and why you're the next member of our team.

Mortgage referrals, insurance products, including segregated fund policies are offered through Howe Harrell Wealth Inc. operating as Howe Harrell & Associates, and Investment Representatives Don Howe, Melissa Harrell, Andrew Maciejkow, and Scott McMullan mutual funds through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Discretionary Managed Investments offered through referring agents Sean Harrell and Aaron Menon as Trilogy Wealth Management operating as Howe Harrell & Associates, in conjunction with Harness Investments and BCV Asset Management.

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